My Story


I’m Eileen McDonough, a Corporate America drop-out, living my dream in the breathtaking beauty of Lisbon: making a living doing what I love.

I came to Lisbon over 20 years ago, for a short-term contract and never left…

I was captivated by the light, the architecture, the cool street lamps, the trams, the shiny cobblestones after rain at night, the cafés on every corner, but mostly the kindness, generosity and hospitality of the people.

I recall that first plane trip over to Lisbon, where I did not know a soul on the continent of Europe, or a word of the Portuguese language. I’m glad I was not one to sweat the details.

I was looking for adventure and Lisbon has not disappointed.

I remember wandering around Lisbon, fascinated by the mosaic sidewalks, determined to learn this amazing age-old art form. As this was long before the advent of YouTube how-to videos and, unable to locate a course, I taught myself.

My first piece was made by shards of antique blue and white tiles, called azulejos, which I had found near a construction site. To this day, upon passing a construction bin, my husband will see me slow down and peer in, and say “keep walking”.

In those early days I was lucky to have been featured in an interiors magazine which resulted in commissions.

Through the years I have exhibited in Portugal and the USA. My pieces have found lovely homes in private collections on 5 continents. Commissions include restaurants and a hotel resort.

In 2015 I founded Lisbon Mosaic Studio where I run workshops to spread the gospel according to mosaics. As my students are now well aware, it’s the ultimate zen creative therapy!

I live in Central Lisbon with my husband, daughter and our Portuguese water-dog.