Why take a mosaic workshop?


What you’ll learn:

First, we’ll help you plan your design. Then, you will learn how to cut tiles, how to lay them for the greatest effect, and how to fix and grout to create a finished mosaic.

Do I need prior experience? 

No. This workshop is designed for people who have never done mosaics. Many students who describe themselves as “not remotely creative” make the coolest pieces!

Materials used

We include a variety of materials: antique tiles or industrial tiles in every color of the rainbow; metallic tiles, shells or broken dishes.

Recently broke one of your favourite plates? Bring it and we can include it in your piece!

Price and Structure of Workshop

Duration of the class is 3.5 hours, which we do in 2 sessions:

The first day is 3 hours. We work 90 minutes, have tea and a snack, then work 90 more minutes.

The second day is only 30 minutes, where we do the final step – grouting and cleaning up the piece, ready for you to take home with you.

Price is 55 euros, which includes all materials, cake and coffee. 

What will I make?

You will create a trivet, 20 x 20 cm.  A trivet is a base for a hot plate for the kitchen. They are so highly decorative, however, that we now add a hook on back, so it can be hung in a place of honour!

Is the process fun?

From my point of view, this may be the most important question! Good news, the answer is “Yes!” I find it very relaxing, almost meditative. Many students agree, as seen in the comments/review section on our Facebook page.

What will you come away with?

  • A beautiful trivet (and home-made souvenir if you are visiting)
  • a new life skill and relaxing hobby
  • hopefully new friends!